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Volunteer Spotlight: Monica Guevara

Meet Monica Guevara, a lifelong Girl Scout and dedicated volunteer. Monica, who grew up in Mexico, got involved with the Girl Scouts as a Haditas (otherwise known as Brownies) at an early age. Her passion continued after moving to the United States as she wanted her girls to have the fond memories that she had of her Troop growing up. Now living in Doral, Monica has been an active volunteer for the last seven years and supports the organization in a number of ways including serving on the Highest Awards Task Group serving as the Co-Leader of Troop 552 and assisting with Community Northwest events. We recently had an opportunity to connect with Monica to learn more about what volunteering with the Girl Scouts means to her.

What sparked you to become a Girl Scout Volunteer?

I wanted to help my girls become leaders and allow them to live life feeling confident about themselves in order for them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

What's your favorite part about volunteering with the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida?

Having the opportunity to serve the girls who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Is there anything you hoped to learn or accomplish through volunteering?

Girl Scout volunteers are happy knowing they are making girls’ lives better.

Do you have a favorite story from volunteering that you would like to share?

A very sweet experience was when I was doing the Bronze Award with my juniors and I started talking to them about my experiences as a banker and lawyer. They looked at me very proudly as I explained how they were G.I.R.L’s go getters, risk takers, innovators, and leaders. I told them they needed to truly understand what they wanted to communicate in their project. When they finished they hugged me and told me they were so happy they were able to make the world a better place as Girl Scouts. Those happy faces made my heart soar.

Have you learned anything new about YOURSELF since starting your volunteer journey?

I’ve learned that it is comforting transmitting my knowledge to the girls and seeing them empower each other.

If there is one thing you'd like other Girl Scouts or volunteers in our community to know or learn, what would it be?

I want to grow into becoming my best self. I am a believer that we become better people by serving others. My girls inspire me to become a better leader and woman every day.

Volunteering with Girl Scouts has made me a better human being.