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Girl Spotlight: Madison P, 2020'S Top Cookies for Hometown Heroes Seller

Madison HTH Pic

Meet Girl Scout Cadette, Madison Paton. Like hundreds of other girls participating, Madison set out to shatter her personal goals during the 2020 cookie season with a laser focus and a clear strategy to succeed. With 225 Hometown Heroes boxes sold, Madison was the top-selling Cookies for Hometown Hero G.I.R.L. for 2020

With cookie season in full swing, Madison recently shared some of her personal feedback for how other girls can achieve success while crushing their own goals in 2021.

Q1. What did you learn about YOURSELF since becoming a Girl Scout?

A1. I learned that I’m more creative than I thought I was and grown stronger skills, and learned how to communicate with others and not be shy.

Lesson 1: Believing in yourself is the first step to success.

Q2. Why is the Girl Scout Cookie Program important to you personally?

A2: The Girl Scout Cookie Program is important to me because I like to set goals for myself and achieve them. I personally like the donations I get from selling because it always goes to something or someone good to help out.

Lesson 2: Success is better when shared.

Q3: What did you learn from the cookie program going digital?

A3: I learned how to set up my cookie site and marketing.

Lesson 3: Developing new skills will only help you grow.

Q4: How does does the Girl Scout Cookie Program contribute to your goals for the future?

A4: It contributes to my goals for the future because I want to be a singer in the future and these goals will help me achieve that career and help me become successful.

Lesson 4: Whether it’s pertaining to grades, a future career or cookie sales, goal setting is key.

Q5: What did you learn about the community throughout this process?

A5: I learned that my community is very kind and always looking on how to help people out. And always putting a smile on people’s faces including mine.

Lesson 5: Be kind to others, you never know when your actions will put a smile on someone else’s face.

Q6: What are your top takeaways from your cookie program last year?

A6: I learned how to plan and set goals and form them into smaller achievable steps. I learned how to approach someone in a well-mannered way. I learned how to be confident and convince people to buy cookies.

Lesson Learned: Grace, poise and determination are all attributes that play a role in sales.

Q7: If there is one other thing you’d like other Girl Scouts in our local community to know or learn, what would it be?

A7: I’d like other Girl Scouts to know how to not be shy when approaching people and always be kind, even if people might not respond when you’re asking them. Always say thank you and smile. You can make a big difference in your community and help others out.


“The Girl Scouts have made me a better person by teaching me how to achieve my goals, be a good citizen and help my community and how to turn a negative situation into a positive. – Madison Paton”