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Everything you need to know about Girl Scout Cookie Pickup Day on Jan. 9, 2021

This Saturday, January 9, 2021 is Cookie Pick-Up Day, starting at 8 a.m. and ending when the last case is loaded up. We’ve Got This!!

On Cookie Pick-Up Day please be mindful and help us by following all social distancing protocols. Please be sure all individuals are wearing a mask and that hand sanitizer is accessible to use before and after loading.

Make sure to check out the maps for the Homestead Transfer & Storage and Prime Logistics delivery locations that contain important information to help pick-up go smoothly. Please review this email and the map that coincides with the location you will be picking up cookies from.

Previously, all Troops selected a pick-up time at their designated location in eBudde. It’s important that you arrive promptly at your designated time. Troops arriving late or earlier than scheduled disrupt the process and can cause traffic jams.

Everyone must check-in with GSTF staff at the check-in tent prior to entering the cookie loading areas. Check-in staff will provide you with the necessary paperwork (called a bubble sheet), which the warehouse staff uses to pull and load your order. One bubble sheet goes on your windshield, and the other is handed to you to assist with supervising the counting and loading by variety. At Prime Logistics, you will receive your rewards at check-in.

We know everyone is anxious to leave and start the season, but don’t forget to check-out! Check-out is the final opportunity to verify you have everything you need, including any Initial Order Rewards your girls and/or Troop earned.

Important note: Adjustments are not possible after you exit the premises! If you feel for any reason that the count is incorrect let us know at check out and we will be happy to recount your entire order with you. We want you to be 100% certain the count is correct before you leave.

Please print your delivery confirmation from eBudde and bring it with you – you’ll want it to verify against our records. To do this, go to eBudde’s Delivery tab, click on “View Confirmation” then “Print”. One great feature is “View Confirmation”, which shows you the estimated number of vehicles by size that you will need for your specific order.

Make sure you have sufficient vehicle(s) space for your entire order – don’t forget to take car seats and everything else possible out of your car – you’ll want every inch. Remember, you need TWO adults to count and verify your order. Please do not bring children or pets, you will be at a work site with heavy machinery in use. One adult drives, the other must exit the vehicle and watch counting and loading.

We love our volunteers! Thank you for helping create girls of courage, confidence, and character.