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Publix approved Cookie Booths

Great news! Publix has approved cookie booths!

We are diligently working to contact Publix stores to secure cookie booth slots. We will upload Publix cookie booths as soon as we secure them so please keep an eye on the Booth Sites tab in eBudde to see Publix availability. Please do not contact store management – they have asked that only Council staff contact store management. Publix has also asked that we remain patient with their team as they work to get their managers up to speed, and in turn provide us with their individual store’s availability. You can expect to see Publix cookie booths in eBudde by later this evening/Friday.

By accepting a cookie booth slot at Publix, you agree to adhere to their COVID-19 policy which strictly requires participants practice social distancing, wear masks at all times, and adhere to all of our cookie booth guidelines and etiquette as outlined on the attached guidelines document. 

**Additionally, we have been given a  new and very strict rule that at no time are girls or adults to step in front of any store doorway or block any customers on the way in or out. Publix is requiring that Troops stay at their booth and let customers come to the booth, do not approach customers or associates. If a store manager feels as if a Troop has violated this rule or receives any complaints, we will lose our privilege to sell at Publix.

So, what does this mean for cookie season?

 In an effort to make up for the delay in Publix cookie booth availability, your Troop has the option to extend your cookie season through February 28, 2021.

This means that your Troop can continue selling cookies at available cookie booths, on Digital Cookie, and to friends and family until February 28th – but only if you want to! This is an  optional opportunity and is by no means something that you are obligated to do.

Girl Rewards can be earned through February 28th. Should your Troop choose to end the sale on the original date of February 15th, your Girl Rewards will not be affected.

ACH dates will not be affected and will remain as they currently are scheduled – Jan. 25th, Feb. 8th, and March 1st. We will provide an updated schedule of Cookie Program dates in the days to come. 

Thank you for your patience as we waited for Publix to come on board and navigate through all this year has challenged us with.

We continue to appreciate all you do for your Troops and girls!