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American Idol? No sweat for this local Girl Scout Alum!

Jazzy Rose American Idol 2

“31.58 seconds of air time but IT STILL COUNTS 😭😂♥️I’m going through to the next round babyyyy!” Former Girl Scout, Jazlyn Ortiz commonly known as Jazzy Rose exclaimed on Instagram on March 23, 2021 when she learned she will advance to take the stage on American Idol.

But before American Idol, Jazzy made a name for herself right here in Miami-Dade County. Not only has she been building a loyal following through her music, but she’s also made positive impact on our local community during her time with Girl Scouts. Jazzy, a Gold Award Girl Scout knows what it’s like to set goals, create solutions and overcome challenges.

After Hurricane Irma hit in 2017, Jazzy saw a real need to help those with pets in homeless shelters. She partnered with the Chapman Partnership - the only homeless shelter in our area that can accommodate families and their pets – to create “Ruff Weather Ready Kits. 

The kits are reusable, easy to store and made of high-quality materials. The contents are reusable as they can be washed and stored and include a foldable metal crate, washable towel and dog bed, plastic food and water bowl, a hard chew toy and an adjustable slip leash. She also included a laminated information card attached to the crate with pet safety tips and a list of contents. All items that are essential when owning a pet but are likely to be left behind or unavailable when tragedy strikes. 
Nearly two years later, Jazzy was able to see her vision come to life and as Hurricane Dorian approached, she jumped into action. Not one to be deterred from a challenge, Jazzy built and delivered 8 kits to the shelter in the rain as the first feeder bands approached. The kits were not only well received but implemented immediately!  
Jazzy made a long-term impact on our hometown and together, as a community, we look forward to cheering her on as she continues to strive for more! Go for the win, Jazzy! You have our vote!