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Our Camp Properties

As a member of Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida you have access to a variety of camps and properties to enrich your outdoor experience. Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida operates three camps, one Girl Scout house and one Service Center. Camp properties are used throughout the year for day and weekend outdoor programs, Troop and Community camping, outdoor activities, meetings and Summer Camp.

Ready to learn how you can reserve Camp Mahachee, South Miami Little House, Camp Choee or Camp Wesumkee

Camp Mahachee
Camp Mahachee

9950 Old Cutler Road
Coral Gables, FL 33156

Camp Mahachee is a beautiful 11 acre site located near Matheson Hammock and Fairchild Tropical Garden. The camp features 8 cabins, an air-conditioned lodge with commercial kitchen and bath house.


Camp Mahachee Rental Policy

Camp Mahachee is available for Girl Scout Troops or Girl Scout Communities to rent for Day Activities and Overnights. 


Day Event - $75  
Overnight - $300  

Day Event - 8AM - 4PM  
Overnight - 24 hours 


Overnights – all participants must be Registered Members (NO Tagalongs)  
Indoor Cabin - 6 Registered Members per cabin (NO Tagalongs)   
Requirements and rules:

  • All participants in overnight programs must be registered members (Tagalongs are NOT permitted).

  • Face mask is required indoors.

  • Social(physical) distancing must be enforced, even outdoors.

  • Troop/Community must submit a signed COVID Waiver to Camp Ranger at Check-in.

  • Troop/Community must collect individual COVID Waivers from all participants (girls and adults) - kept by Troop leader(s).

  • Troop or Community is responsible for ensuring all COVID safety regulations are followed and that all participants have PPE (masks, hand sanitizer, etc).

  • Conduct continuous cleaning of high touch surfaces throughout the day.

  • Ice machine and water fountains will not be available, please make sure participants bring their own water bottles to keep hydrated. 


Girl Scouts always leave a place better than they found it.  A cleaning checklist will be provided, by the camp ranger at check in and will review the state in which the cabins, bathhouse, lodge and grounds have been left. If the checklist is not complete, the ranger will attempt to design a remedy with the adults in charge of the event. If the checklist is still incomplete, fines will be communicated in writing including a copy of the cleaning checklist and withdrawn via ACH Transfer from the Community or Troop bank account within 5 business days. Cleaning Checklist. 

Interested in renting Camp Mahachee overnight? Send request to 

All reservations are first come, first serve.

Cancellation policy: Full refund is granted if cancellation is made at least two weeks (14 Days) in advance of the scheduled reservation. If cancellation is made less than one week before scheduled reservation a cancellation fee will be charged: $25 for day event use and $100 for overnight use.

South Miami Little House

6609 SW 60 Street
South Miami, FL 33143

South Miami Little House is a two acre wooded site located in a residential area. The facility includes a lodge with kitchen, bathroom with showers and an adjoining screened porch. Outdoors is a fire circle and nature paths.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, South Miami Little House is not available for reservation at this time. 

South Miami Little House Rental Policy

South Miami Little House (SMLH) may be rented for a 24 hour period (or consecutive 24 hour periods) during weekends and Miami-Dade and Monroe County School holidays and recesses.  The purpose of SMLH is to provide safe, accessible outdoor space for troops and groups associated with Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida, with an emphasis on access to natural wooded outdoor space as well as overnight camping in the building and/or tents.

Rentals of SMLH are available for meetings in the building and overnight camping in the building and tents (weekends and Miami-Dade and Monroe County school holidays).  Overnight rentals begin at 6:00 p.m. for GSTF troops and groups, and end at 9:00 a.m. the following morning for a cost of $75.00.  The tenting area is included in the overnight rental cost.  The $5.00 fee paid here is to hold your reservation only, unless the rental is for a 3 hour troop or community meeting.  The cost for a 3 hour troop or community meeting is $5, a reservation here is considerd payment in full.  You will receive confirmation of acceptance of your reservation within 3 business days, which will include the dates for ACH transfers from your Community or Troop bank account.  Fifty percent (50%) of the total rental fee is payable as soon as the reservation is made, the remaining 50% will be deducted three (3) weeks prior to your reservation date.  If the rental is three weeks or less prior to the reservation date, 100% of the rental will be deducted immediately.

Communities may reserve SMLH 6 months in advance.  Troops may reserve SMLH 3 months in advance.  If a reservation is made beyond these dates, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.  Each Troop or Community may reserve SMLH one time in a rolling 7 day period (one reservation per week).  A reservation may be an entire weekend, but it cannot be two unconnected days.  In order to camp overnight for two consecutive nights, reserve all the day meeting times as well as overnight.  If more than one reservation is made in a 7 day period, ALL reservations for that Troop or Commuity will be cancelled and the Troop or Community will not have access for 30 days to make a reservation.

Early set-up is not available.  If the Troop or Community reserves overnight camping event on a Saturday, but wish to set up on Friday, the fee is an additional $120.  

Girl Scouts always leave a place better than they found it.  A cleaning checklist will be provided, the camp ranger will review the state in which the cabins, bathhouse, lodge and grounds have been left.  If the checklist is not complete, the ranger will attempt to design a remedy with the adults in charge of the event.  If the checklist is still incomplete, fines will be communicated in writing including a copy of the cleaning checklist and withdrawn via ACH Transfer from the Community or Troop bank account within 5 business days.

A key will be available 3 days prior to the reservation.  This key must be returned to the camp ranger during the checklist/check-out process.  A key replacement fee of $50 will be charged to the Community or Troop in the case the key is not returned.  For troops meeting at SMLH on a regular basis, a yearly key may be arranged upon request.

Complete a Trip and Travel form for reservations which are not regular troop or community meetings.  If you do not yet have an ACH Transfer Authorization on file, please provide it immediately so that your reservation can be completed.  Payments are accepted via ACH transfer from a GSTF Troop or Community bank account only.

Camp Choee


11347 SW 160 Street
Miami, FL 33157

Camp Choee is a 22 acre site located east of Zoo Miami. It has 4 air-conditioned cabins with bathrooms that sleep 16 campers each. Camp Choee has a Junior Olympic size pool with a 56 person capacity. Also on the property is a Bath House with 6 toilets and showers.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Camp Choee is not open for reservations at this time.

Camp Wesumkee
Wesumkee for website

Update: Camp Wesumkee is closed until further notice.  The camp suffered significant damages from Hurricane Irma, but we will rebuild.

34200 Overseas Highway
Scout Key, FL 33043

Camp Wesumkee is an 11 acre beautiful site located on the Atlantic Ocean. The site has a Wheelhouse with a meeting room and sleeping area and chickees. This oceanfront camp is for experienced campers and offers tidal pool observations, swimming, nature and marine study.