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Cookies for Hometown Heroes

Giving back and serving others permeates every aspect of Girl Scouting, including in our Cookie program.

We are proud to support our Hometown Heroes each year. 


Through our Donation Cookie program, you can give thanks to our Hometown Heroes while supporting Girl experiences

Cookies for Hometown Heroes is a great way for you to support the largest girl-led business in the world AND give thanks to the women and men making an impact in our community and abroad.

Hometown Heroes are:

  • Military Personnel
  • First Responders
  • Police Officers and Firefighters
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Vaccination Site Volunteers and Staff
  • Teachers
  • Postal Workers

Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida rewarded our Hometown Heroes for their service with more than 9,000 boxes of cookies that were donated in 2021.

How do I support Cookies For Hometown Heroes?

It’s easy – just make a monetary donation to your local Girl Scout (available face-to-face, online and at booths) and Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida will do the rest. Contributions are tax deductible.

How does it work?

At the end of our Cookie Progam, we take your donations and work with our partners to ensure Cookies are put into the hands of our local Hometown Heroes.


  • cke-troop-1896-selfie-0921
  • cke-troop-1896-at-hospital-0921
  • cke-troop-1896-at-school-0921
  • cke-hometown-heroes-fire-station-1020
  • cke-troop-1239-fire-rescue-part-2-0921
  • cke-troop-1239-fire-rescue-0921