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Make a Video about Coral Reefs and get a free patch!

This year's CoralPalooza is going to be bigger and better than ever - and we are going to be part of it! Help us make it reef-tastic by sharing a video of why Coral Reefs are important to you, OR what you are doing to help protect our Coral Reef. Videos should be no longer than 10-15 seconds, and emailed to by April 30th at 5 p.m. - And all girls and volunteers who submit a video get a free patch! Cell phone videos are perfect! Just make sure we can see your smiling faces!

Not sure what to say? Here's a script:


Hi, I'm <first name>, a Girl Scout from Troop <number>, and I stand up for Coral Reefs by <pick one from below or use your own>

  • Unplug chargers & devices when you're not using them

  • Plant a tree 

  • Consume less meat

  • Reuse as much as possible 

  • Use a reusable water bottle 

  • use a reusable straw 

  • Start a garden

  • Use rechargeable batteries 

  • Don’t use “throw away” products like paper plates and napkins, or plastic knives, forks and cups

  • Lower your shades or close your curtains on hot days, to keep the house cool and reduce the use of electric fans or air-conditioning 

  • Let clothes dry naturally

  • Reduce your carbon footprint 

  • Seek sustainable seafood

  • Consider a plastic free lifestyle 

  • Choose sustainable souvenirs

  • Use only reef-safe sunscreens 

  • Rethink your diet and food waste

  • Support ocean-friendly legislation 

  • Spread coral reef awareness