Decisions For Your Life

Decisions For Your Life, co-sponsored by the state of Florida, Miami-Dade County and the United Way, is open to girls ages 5-17 and delivers prevention program activities in a community-based setting. This is a prevention program that operates in 11 family housing developments throughout Miami-Dade County and serves to identify key components dealing with the underlying causes of teen pregnancy, provides opportunities for family abstinence education and helps reduce delinquency and school drop-out rates. The program has also succeeded in helping girls develop self-esteem, self-reliance and coping mechanisms to prevent peer pressure and premature sexual involvement. Decisions For Your Life provides positive role models within the community, enhances self-worth and promotes a positive values system.

The program serves more than 300 girls during the school year through weekly after school programs and weekend activities, including meetings at housing community centers or adjacent school facilities led by volunteers and Girl Scout staff, coordinated activities, specialized training and goal-specific field trips.

The outcomes of Decisions For Your Life are to reduce teen pregnancy, youth crime and violence, enhance decision-making and coping skills, teach the ability to set personal goals and attain them, improve conflict-resolution skills and to create a more resilient, young workforce. The nationally recognized “Baby Think It Over” program, which uses computerized babies that simulate actual babies, is used in this program and has far reaching affects on the girls as they make critical decisions on early sexual involvement and the consequences.


Shanea Reed, Decisions for Your Life Manager
305-253-4841 x 224