2016 Girl Scout Cookie Season: January 13, 2016 - February 16, 2016

When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you make adventures possible with every box.

Even cooler: You are helping our Girl Scout Cookie Professional gain skills essential for success both now and later: 

  •    Goal Setting
  •    Decision Making
  •    Money Management 
  •    People Skills
  •    Business Ethics 

Become a Cookie Boss

Big Cookie News!!!

8 Delicious Flavors!

Cookie Crumbs

Cookies available locally from mid-January to mid-February.

Girl Resources

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Girl Scout Cookie Dates


  • November 7-24

    Troop Cookie VIP Online & Webinar Training

  • November 9

    SU coordinator BEGIN contact Business for Booths

  • November 10-24

    Girl Goal Setting & Planning

  • November 10 or 12

    Keys Cookie Training

  • November 20

    Cookie Door to Door Sales Begin until Dec.10, 2015

  • November 25

    Digital Cookie site open for girl website creation(no emails)

  • December 10

    Cookie Initial orders & awards entered in Ebudde

  • December 11

    SU Submission of Initial Cookie Orders & Rewards

  • December 12

    DOC opens - Cookies for the Holidays! TBA

  • December 18

    Additional Booth Selection for Troops


  • January 4

    Deadline: SU Booth List/Schedules due to Eva

  • January 9


  • January 13

    Cookie Direct Sale Begins: Digital Cookie Continues

  • January 14

    Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 13 by 2 pm

  • January 19

    Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 18 by 2 pm

  • January 21

    Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 20 by 2 pm

  • January 26

    Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 25 by 2 pm

  • January 28

    Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 27 by 2 pm

  • February 12

    Cookie Warehouse(s) close

  • February 12

    FINAL Girl Cookie Balances due to troop

  • February 13-16

    Last Chance Cookie Booth Sales

  • February 16

    Notify PSD of any UNPAID Girl Balances

  • February 19

    Troop final deposits into Bank of America

  • February 20

    Troop Final Cookie paperwork due to SU

  • February 20

    Troop Final Cookie paperwork due to SU

  • February 26-28

    National Girl Scout Cookie Day

  • Early April

    Rewards shipped to Service Units

2016 Cookie Webinars

Please click on the date/time of webinar below to register.

Cookie Rookies

New to Girl Scout Cookies? First time in charge of the sale? Not to worry, this webinar is just for you:

Cookie Pros-Hot Topics

For veteran troop cookie managers. Lots of new things this cookie season:

Cookie Finances

Money, matters to everyone! All things related to Cookie Finances: Payments & receipts, Depositing, collection issues & More.

Digital Cookie

Online Girl Scout Cookie Experience & Sales. An additional way for girls to sell cookies &  reach goals faster. Get your troop ready!

Cookie Delivery/Getting Cookies Process

Count & Go cookie delivery, mobile cupboards, cookie Warehouse to managing your cookie inventory:

Cookie Booths Procedures

How to reserve cookie booths, cookie booth etiquette & More. Important info for Troops & parent booth volunteers.

Cookie Wrap Up

Cookie sale is ending, learn how to close out your sale, pay your cookie balance & order rewards:

Parent Cookie "411"

Defining volunteer & parent roles, getting cookies & cookie booths:

Setting Cookie Goals

Follow these 5 easy steps

  • Set & Share Troop Goals

    It’s a proven fact that goal-setting goes hand in hand with higher sales. Girls work as a team to develop their troop goals.

  • Set Personal Goals

    Girl should set and write down their own personal goals, whether it is a selling goal or a personal development goal on their order card and share with customers.

  • Family Meeting

    Girls should organize a family meeting to inform family members of their troop and personal goals. Girls who have parental support are more inclined to reach their goals.

  • Connect with Others

    Sell beyond family & friends, conduct a cookie booth or two, visit your parent’s workplace, or set up a display at place of worship or ask to be a guest speaker at a civic organization.

  • Monitor Progress

    Check your progress and your troop’s progress; hold a troop progress meeting and re-evaluate goals and selling strategies if necessary.