2015 Cookie Season: January 15 - February 13

Every Cookie has a mission and that is to help girls DO GREAT THINGS! Since the 1920s, Girl Scouts have sold cookies as a way to raise money for troop activities and service projects. Today, with nearly $800 million in annual revenues, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country.

Congratulations to our Top Cookie Sellers!

Roslyn Hyette | Ashley Eick | Danielle Davis | Tatyana Hribar | Marina Doyle
Sara Gonzales | Jessica Koval | Ansley Gregis | Chloe Koval
Angelica Escudero | Yvelyse Fuster-Diaz | Kayla Stapleton | Amanda Lara
Alexandra Naranjo | Rachel Rojas | Jayda Amador | Madison Smith
Megan Cooper | Alexa Kanderski | Maia Taveras | Jaquiline Calzadilla
Amelia McKay | Samantha Simpson | Catherine Tohulka | Isabella Murrillo
Ashley Thompson | Katerina Marina Miville | Charmaine Sanford
Keyana Vernon | Timaya Everett | Raydijah Walters

Cookie Crumbs

8 Delicious Flavors!

Cookies available locally from mid-January to mid-February.

Girl Resources

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Girl Scout Cookie Dates

  • November 1-20: Troop Cookie VIP Online Training
  • November 20-December 10: Cookie pre-ordering begins!
  • December 11: Cookie pre-ordering ends
  • December 12: Digital Cookie Opens: Cookies for the Holidays!
  • January 10: ALL TROOP cookie pre-orders delivered
  • January 13: Cookie Sale Begins!
  • February 13: Cookie Sale Ends!
  • February 14-16: Last Chance Cookie Booth Weekend
  • February 20: Girl cookie balances due to troop
  • February 21: Troop Final Paperwork due to Service Unit
  • November 15: Cookie College 101
  • November 15: Cookie College 101
  • November 15: Digital Cookie Website Creation Open

Setting Cookie Goals

Follow these 5 easy steps

  • Set & Share Troop Goals

    It’s a proven fact that goal-setting goes hand in hand with higher sales. Girls work as a team to develop their troop goals.

  • Set Personal Goals

    Girl should set and write down their own personal goals, whether it is a selling goal or a personal development goal on their order card and share with customers.

  • Family Meeting

    Girls should organize a family meeting to inform family members of their troop and personal goals. Girls who have parental support are more inclined to reach their goals.

  • Connect with Others

    Sell beyond family & friends, conduct a cookie booth or two, visit your parent’s workplace, or set up a display at place of worship or ask to be a guest speaker at a civic organization.

  • Monitor Progress

    Check your progress and your troop’s progress; hold a troop progress meeting and re-evaluate goals and selling strategies if necessary.