2016 Girl Scout Cookie Season: January 13, 2016 - February 16, 2016

When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you make adventures possible with every box.

Even cooler: You are helping our Girl Scout Cookie Professional gain skills essential for success both now and later: 

  •    Goal Setting
  •    Decision Making
  •    Money Management 
  •    People Skills
  •    Business Ethics 

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2015 Girl Cookie Survey 
Takes about 15 minutes to complete.

2015 Parent Cookie Survey 
Takes about 20 minutes to complete.

2015 Troop Cookie Survey 
Takes about 20 minutes to complete.

2016 Reward Voting Survey 
Takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The above surveys will be available until June 25, 2015.

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Cookie Crumbs

Cookies available locally from mid-January to mid-February.

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Girl Scout Cookie Dates


Nov. 5              SU Cookie Coordinator Presentation
Nov. 7-24.         Troop Cookie VIP Online & WEbinar Training
Nov. 9              SU coordinator BEGIN contact Business for Booths
Nov. 10-24        Girl Goal Setting & Planning
Nov. 10 or 12    Keys Cookie Training
Nov. 20            Cookie Door to Door Sales Begin until Dec.10, 2015
Nov. 25            Digital Cookie site open for girl website creation(no emails)
Dec. 10            Cookie Initial orders & awards entered in Ebudde
Dec.11             SU Submission of Initial Cookie Orders & Rewards
Dec.12             DOC opens - Cookies for the Holidays!  TBA
Dec. 18            Additional Booth Selection for Troops

Jan. 4               Deadline: SU Booth List/Schedules due to Eva
Jan. 9               INITIAL COOKIE DELIVERY
Jan. 13             Cookie Direct Sale Begins: Digital Cookie Continues
Jan. 14             Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 13 by 2 pm
Jan. 19             Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 18 by 2 pm
Jan. 21             Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 20 by 2 pm
Jan. 26             Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 25 by 2 pm
Jan. 28             Mobile Cookie Cupboard, order due Jan 27 by 2 pm
Feb. 12            Cookie Warehouse(s) close
Feb. 12            FINAL Girl Cookie Balances due to troop
Feb. 13-16       Last Chance Cookie Booth Sales 
Feb. 16            Notify PSD of any UNPAID Girl Balances
Feb. 19            Troop final deposits into Bank of America
Feb. 20            Troop Final Cookie paperwork due to SU
Feb 26-28        National Girl Scout Cookie Day
Early April       Rewards shipped to Service Units

Setting Cookie Goals

Follow these 5 easy steps

  • Set & Share Troop Goals

    It’s a proven fact that goal-setting goes hand in hand with higher sales. Girls work as a team to develop their troop goals.

  • Set Personal Goals

    Girl should set and write down their own personal goals, whether it is a selling goal or a personal development goal on their order card and share with customers.

  • Family Meeting

    Girls should organize a family meeting to inform family members of their troop and personal goals. Girls who have parental support are more inclined to reach their goals.

  • Connect with Others

    Sell beyond family & friends, conduct a cookie booth or two, visit your parent’s workplace, or set up a display at place of worship or ask to be a guest speaker at a civic organization.

  • Monitor Progress

    Check your progress and your troop’s progress; hold a troop progress meeting and re-evaluate goals and selling strategies if necessary.