The Gold Award

Congratulations 2016 Gold Award Recipients!

2014 Gold Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2016 Gold Award Recipients 

The Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn.  A project must involve a minimum of 80 hours and include the following steps: identifying an issue, investigating it thoroughly, getting help and building a team, creating a plan, presenting the plan, gathering feedback, taking action, and educating and inspiring others.  It is more than just a good service project – it encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills. The following are the projects of the girls who most recently have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award.

  • Mary Adams - Merrick House Self - Guided tour Project
  • Victoria Alonso - Watch Me Grow
  • Karina Alverez - Hearts on CPR
  • Diana Camelo - Blacksheep Family Picnic 
  • Gabriella Chebli - The Writing Circle 
  • Caitlyn Chong -Diabetes Awareness, Education and Support
  • Isabella Cooper - Sea Level Awareness Program (SLAP)
  • Sarah Corbishley - Maryknoll School Literacy Lab
  • Christina Cruz - Lifeshare
  • Kelly Culhane - Hearing Loss in Teens: An Alarming Trend 
  • Diana Dominguez - Animal Advocacy in the City of Doral 
  • Adana Garrote - My First View 
  • Jordan Glick - Bravery Bundles 
  • Olivia Herrera - Pretty Paws
  • Lauren Koeppel - New Clothing and Storage for Miami Rescue 
  • Jennifer Kurack - Fit Into Your Genes
  • Elspeth Kurzban -Le Jardin Community Center Painting Project 
  • Maya Lora - Writing Rainbow Instructive Workshops 
  • Nicole Miller - The Reading Corner for Kids 
  • Savannah Milton - Our Little Roses 
  • Cheyenne Mueller - iRead
  • Taylor Pearce - Let's Rodeo 
  • Victoria Pinter - Reflection Grotto for La Casa de Malta 
  • Cassandra Plunkett - Instrument Donation Drive 
  • Kristina Rodriguez - Kristina's Garden 
  • Natalie Salman - Water: It Changes Everything 
  • Valeria Sarto - Shorts for Sports 
  • Isabella Serratore - Teens 4 Oceans 
  • Courtney Sever - Taking Care of Your Home in South Florida 
  • Patricia Smith - #ProjectBenji
  • Sydney Spector - Helping the Homeless 
  • Hollis Stamatyades - Painted Wings 



The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. This prestigious award is earned by high school girls who complete extraordinary leadership projects that change our community, and sometimes even the world, for the better.

7 Steps to Make a Difference in the World

  1. Identify an issue

    Choose an issue that is important to you.

  2. Investigate it thoroughly

    Learn all you can about this issue.

  3. Get help and build your team

    Assemble a team to assist with your efforts and help you Take Action!

  4. Create a plan

    Determine the fundamental cause of the issue and the steps to solve it.

  5. Present your plan and gather feedback

    Submit your Project Proposal Form to the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida for approval.

  6. Take action

    Lead your team and execute your plan.

  7. Educate and inspire

    Tell your story and share your results.

Gold Award Benefits

  • Higher education and career

    Distinguish yourself in the college admissions process.
    Earn college scholarships.
    Enter the military one rank higher.

  • Life skills

    Be seen as a role model and distinguished leader.
    Master time management skills.
    Make the world a better place.

  • Community

    Use your vision for change.
    Tackle an issue, locally or globally.
    Establish a lifetime network.
    Create your community legacy by creating a sustainable solution to a problem.

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