Staff Directory

Chelsea Wilkerson
Chief Executive Officer
305-253-4841 x 235

Eva Prada
Director of Recruitment and Product Sales
305-253-4841 x 238

Lori Ross
Director of Programs
305-253-4841 x 223

Brenda Soto
Director of Finance
305-253-4841 x 237

Luisa Lander
Director of Human Resources & Finance
305-253-4841 x 228

Lois Auerbach
Program / Site Registrar
305-253-4841 x 234

Martha Caballero
Membership Registrar / Support Services
305-253-4841 x 253

Beverly Jones
Volunteer Support Specialist
305-253-4841 x 250

Sandra Hubbard
Membership Recruiter

Sharon Krutulis
Membership Recruiter
305-253-4841 x 244

Shanea Reed
Membership Recruiter
Decisions for Your Life, Manager
305-253-4841 x 224

Jessica Rosado
Membership Recruiter
305-253-4841 x 245

Membership Recruiter

Ivan Gonzalez
Property Manager, Camp Mahachee

Steve Belew
Site Manager, Camp Wesumkee

Jose Sanchez Estevez
Caretaker, Camp Choee

Ariana Gato
Council Shop Manager / Receptionist
305-253-4841 x 221

Decisions for Your Life
Taquan Jackson
Tina Paulk
Dana Williams
Rhonda Williams